What is Malegra-FXT? How to Take, Adverse Effects, Shopping

Malegra-FXT is a special mix of two active ingredients – Sildenafil and Fluoxetine. The resulting product is used to treat erectile dysfunction, although the Fluoxetine component also adds its own properties. They are mainly represented by an increased serotonin content, which improves mood and has other effects.

The drug is created by the Indian company Sunrise Remedies, which mainly specializes in generic products. They sell Sildenafil pills under the name Malegra without any major changes. So, this drug is essentially Viagra with an antidepressant supplement, which is a popular enough combination nowadays.

Buying Malegra Online

Malegra-FXT is essentially a generic version of Viagra, mixed with Fluoxetine. It is a lot cheaper, more or less unmodified, and comes from a manufacturer that isn’t the original creator. The quality and efficiency aren’t much worse as these products are scanned for all manner of flaws. What is true is that they are very affordable.

Malegra-FXT can be easily bought in North America for $1 per pill. The package sizes are typically 20, 40, 80, and 160 tablets, of which one half is Malegra (Sildenafil), and the other is Fluoxetine. This allows you to save a lot of money on erectile dysfunction drugs, and you also get Fluoxetine out of this deal.

You can buy an even more ‘generic’ version of this drug, which would be Sildenafil and Fluoxetine in two different packages. You might technically get it for even less, although it doesn’t seem very likely. Malegra-FXT might be one of the best such combinations on the market.

What is Malegra-FXT?

Malegra-FXT is a single product that contains two distinct compounds in separate tablets. The chemicals aren’t mixed into a single pill, which makes this solution a lot cheaper than it would’ve been. It’s just as comfortable and safe if you follow the dosage and the necessary procedure.

Sildenafil is a compound used to treat erectile dysfunction. It’s known primarily for its role in Viagra, in which it acts as a core component. It’s an inhibitor that interacts with certain enzymes in the penile area, thus relaxing the muscles and restoring blood circulation there. It works for most types of erectile dysfunction.

Fluoxetine, meanwhile, is a popular mild antidepressant. In this context, it helps proteins that carry serotonin do that more efficiently, which improves your mood and relieves stress. It is helpful because stress is one of the factors that prevent you from performing in bed.

It also has its use as a treatment against premature ejaculation, which potentially prolongs intercourse. Fluoxetine, in short, is a useful solution that improves the quality of sex, whereas Sildenafil allows you to actually summon an erection during the time it is active.

Getting a Prescription

The thing about Malegra-FXT is that you typically need to get a prescription specifically for this product or use two prescriptions for Sildenafil and Fluoxetine. The pharmacist can simply combine them into one form and sell you Malegra-FXT as a result. Nonetheless, you do need prescriptions.

The process isn’t that tedious. Getting a Sildenafil prescription is a relatively simple process, granted you have actual erectile dysfunction. As for Fluoxetine, it’s most often prescribed as a remedy against anxiety and depression. If you suffer from anxiety, especially ED-induced, it might be a very good supplement.

The dysfunction-induced anxiety is actually more widespread than some of you might think. ED doesn’t just cause problems of physical nature – for many men, it is a very stressful condition. Anxiety, loss of confidence, and even depression can be caused by prolonged erectile dysfunction.

If you’re too anxious to get a prescription for ED medication the usual way, there are plenty of services that allow the same thing online. It’s more comfortable and holds the same weight. If you present it in a pharmacy, including an online pharmacy, you’ll be able to get Melagra-FXT or any other products with the same ingredients.

Taking Malegra-FXT

The package comes with two types of tablets for Malegra and Fluoxetine. The maximum dose for the day is 100mg of Sildenafil and 40-60mg of Fluoxetine. They should be taken simultaneously with water and preferably without food. Don’t take it more than once a day.

If you mean to take it daily, try to do so at more or less the same time to avoid overdosing. It is particularly important as Fluoxetine can cause very uncomfortable side effects if taken in excess. As for alcohol, you can theoretically drink while taking these drugs, but strictly in moderation.

The dose can be lower. In fact, it’s usually lower, unless used for severe cases of erectile dysfunction or anxiety. You can get very different doses for both drugs, meaning you’ll potentially have to split these tablets. Fortunately, they are more or less malleable, just avoid making excessing damage to the integrity of these pills.

It usually kicks in 30-60 minutes after you’ve taken it. The duration of the drug will vary based on your age, weight, height, and other such criteria. The average is 4 hours, but it can be as long as 8 hours. The dosage is also an important factor, but not to the extent most people think – a higher dose doesn’t necessarily mean a longer duration.

Possible Adverse Effects

Malegra-FTX has more side effects than a usual ED drug because of the Fluoxetine component inside. Fluoxetine isn’t very harmful, as it is a relatively mild antidepressant drug. There are still uncomfortable side effects, and overdosing on this solution is particularly unpleasant.

Sildenafil can sometimes cause a few side effects. The most common side effects include headaches, flushing, indigestion, nasal congestion, and blurred vision. Some people might also experience muscle aches or back pain, but these side effects usually go away on their own within a few hours.

It is particularly not recommended for people with heart and liver conditions. These are the main contraindications, although you can also be simply allergic to Sildenafil. In either case, you need to consult thoroughly with the doctor before getting this product, as Mallegra-FTX is not a recreational supplement.

Fluoxetine has a few side effects of its own. The most prominent include nausea, diarrhea, headache, dry mouth, drowsiness, agitation, nervousness, and sexual dysfunction. The last one is particularly curious in this context, but, fortunately, it is relatively mild and rare.

Other less common side effects can include weight changes, changes in appetite, and trouble sleeping. They usually manifest if you take this drug regularly for a long time, but even then it depends on your personal tolerances. In the end, the Fluoxetine part offers more good than bad, but it might not even be that necessary to your experience


The good question is whether or not buying Malegra-FTX is even worth it. You might just buy other Sildenafil products. In fact, a regular generic Sildenafil package would be just as effective (if you get it from the right manufacturer) at battling erectile dysfunction symptoms.

It would certainly be easier to find, as generic Sildenafil is a very widespread product. Malegra, for its part, is a lot less common, and Malegra-FTX can be reliably bought from only a handful of big online pharmacies. If you know where to get some, however, it might be worth buying.

As mentioned, it’s less expensive than buying Fluoxetine and Sildenafil separately. This is only a viable option, however, if you need an additional anti-stress supplement. If you’re fine without it, there is no reason to seek a serotonin boost. In fact, it might do more harm if you don’t actively need Fluoxetine.

For most people, it would be easier to simply purchase regular Malegra. If that’s a problem, generic Sildenafil is the next best thing. You won’t spend much money, and the quality is more or less on par with Viagra. Malegra undergoes extensive quality control, which makes it one of the better non-Pfizer types of Sildenafil.

In the end, your choice is the decisive factor, as well as the prescription your doctor will give you.

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