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Our Service Means Integrity & Convenience

We try hard to let our customers enjoy the service at all levels. We understand that we have to deal with a very delicate matter – your wellness. Your well-being depends on a number of facts: your readiness to accept your existing conditions, your ability to follow the rules, and your patience to get through the whole treatment course. Our online pharmacy service is destined to simplify your life and add some spare time to your regular everyday routine.

  • Now you don’t have to queue up for the desired medicines;
  • You meds are delivered right to your door discreetly packed;
  • You get regular notifications about the refills in case if you suffer from a chronic condition and need a monthly set of medications.

Profitable & Timesaving

Buying drugs online is one of the most discreet ways to get access to cost-effective and high-end remedies. In addition to the products we offer, you’ll be provided by consultations concerning all possible matters:

  • Prescriptions;
  • Refills;
  • Notifications about beneficial prices;
  • Additional information about the positive effects, side effects, and precautions for every pack of pills.

We understand that your health is the only thing that can add up to our reputation. Canadian Health&Care Mall members are experienced enough to deal with numerous general health conditions. Nevertheless, we have a specific focus.

Our Priorities

Just do the following to get your meds for a reduced price:

  • Register;
  • Provide us with your relevant prescription information;
  • Contact our management for more info about the drugs you need;
  • Add them to your cart;
  • Fill in a short questionnaire to make us feel sure your order goes in line with your health indicators;
  • Have your order approved and proceed with the secure payment procedure;
  • Get your tracking number and wait for your parcel.


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