DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces New Manufacturing Contract with Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals

DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Greenville, North Carolina has signed a manufacturing and supply agreement with Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals of Cranberry Township PA.

Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals health product, Ribavirin, 200 mg. capsules is a drug used in the treatment of Hepatitis C. The specific terms of the agreement are not being disclosed. For information about Ribavirin, please contact:

Donald J. Kerrish
Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals

About DSM Pharmaceuticals. Inc.

DSM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturing and development company located in Greenville, North Carolina. With over 30 years of broad-based development and manufacturing experience, DSM Pharmaceuticals offers a level of performance unparalleled in the industry. By providing unmatched systems for quality, regulatory compliance, and project management, DSM Pharmaceuticals ensures a seamless transfer of operations through all phases of development and production.

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