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Since Viagra has been introduced to the wider public in the late 90s, there have been numerous attempts to improve or replace it with a better product. Viagra Professional is one such creation, adopted in 2008 in an attempt to make a faster-acting variation of the popular drug.

It does take effect sooner than regular Viagra, although there aren’t many other differences. In the end, what Pfizer created is a more comfortable kind of Sildenafil that acts faster and costs a bit more. It’s a good option if what you want is ED medicine that can be taken on short notice.

Getting a Prescription

To buy Viagra Professional, you only need a regular Viagra prescription. Alternatively, you can buy any other Sildenafil drug that fits the dosage and volume you’re prescribed. Yes, it is a prescription drug, and you’ll absolutely have to see a doctor before you buy the thing.

The main problem behind ED drugs is the stigma many people feel they’ll be subjected to. In the current world, this sort of shaming is mostly extinct now, but it’s natural to be afraid of these things. Fortunately, you can get a prescription online from a medical specialist, as well as buy the drug from an online pharmacy.

Buying Viagra Professional

You can find Viagra Professional online, although it’s not as popular or widespread as its parent. The per-tablet cost differs with the number of said tablets in the pack. You can typically buy 20 pills of regular Viagra Professional for $2.9 per pill in the US or $0.6 per pill in a Canadian pharmacy.

There are plenty of different package sizes on the market, including 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, or 120 pills. They don’t usually come in any other dosage other than 100mg, even though the daily norm is half that. Fortunately, they are easy to break, so it’s no bother to simply split them.

As Viagra Professional costs at least $50 in the US, it is somewhat costlier than regular Viagra. The same amount and dosage can be bought for $35 if you go for the regular variety. There are ways to save money, including getting it from Canada or finding a generic version.

What is Generic Products?

Buying generics is a popular way of saving money on drugs without compromising on quality. Generic solutions are simply non-brand, ‘pure’ variations of popular products. They are named after their respective core ingredients. So, generic Viagra Professional is often called Sildenafil Professional.

Generic products are a lot cheaper than their brand brethren. If you find Sildenafil Professional, there is a high chance it’ll cost 3-5 times less for the same amount. The quality, at the same time, won’t be any worse. Generic products aren’t just cheap knockoffs – they undergo the same quality control procedures.

The only problem with Sildenafil Professional is that it’s relatively rare. The whole idea behind generic products is that they are the bare minimum. They aren’t supposed to have any additional fluff, such as being chewable. There are still manufacturers that make chewable Sildenafil, but they are scarce.

How to Take Viagra Professional

If you’ve taken Sildenafil before, you’ll be familiar with the procedure. The usual dose is around 50mg, and the maximum daily amount is 100mg. You’re advised to take the daily norm in one go. Splitting it in two is not advised, and may cause complications down the road.

Viagra is usually taken without food because it may slow down the absorption process. Viagra Professional, by comparison, can be taken with food. Sildenafil Professional is much faster in this regard, and food isn’t much of an obstruction for a chewable tablet. Nonetheless, if you can do it doesn’t mean you have to – it’s still better without food.

Put your normal dose in the mouth, chew it extensively, and wash it down with water. You can also use juice. Alcohol is not recommended because it can negate the effects of the drug. If you must, it won’t cause you much harm. After that, it usually takes 15-20 minutes to kick in.


Viagra proved an incredibly popular solution when it came out. There wasn’t any effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Even Viagra is just a temporary remedy that leaves no residual effect past its immediate period of effect. In short, it was a sensation.

The other result of this newsflash is that plenty of other companies decided to replicate the success and create their own ED drugs. That’s how Cialis was created in 2003 by GSK and Levitra by Bayer in the same year. Pfizer also continued experimentation with Viagra, which brought about Viagra Professional.

Viagra Professional is a relatively obscure variation of the common Viagra. It can be easily found in North America and Western Europe in most pharmacies, although not to the extent of the parent drug. You can purchase Viagra Professional instead of regular Viagra, as you’re actually prescribed Sildenafil, the common core component.


Sildenafil citrate is the core component for all Viagra products, and in the Professional version, it’s simply arranged in a different form. Unlike regular pills, which can’t be chewed lest you get an overdose, Viagra Professional pills are chewable pills. Thus, this medicine has fewer side effects and starts working earlier.

The other essential ingredients are the same, including lactose, hypromellose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, and other such chemicals. What they have is flavoring, usually. Chewable tablets have no coating, which is typically used to disguise the extremely bitter flavor of a Sildenafil pill.

To counteract that bitterness, Viagra Professional usually includes mint flavoring. That helps, although you’ll still likely sense some unpleasantness. Fortunately, this ingredient doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the drug. Even if it did, Viagra would be hard to eat without it.

Effects of Viagra Professional

Sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient in these drugs. It’s an inhibitor that does all the heavy lifting when it comes to making you sexually active again. As mentioned, it won’t treat erectile dysfunction, there’s no cure for it at the moment. However, it should return the usual sexual aptitude for the ~5 hours of its effect.

Its modus operandi is that it influences the muscles in your genital area, making them less tense. This relaxation makes it possible for you to have an erection, essentially. If everything’s done right, it should simply allow you to summon it naturally.

Viagra Professional should typically take effect 15-20 minutes after being taken. That’s contrasted with Viagra’s ~1-hour-long preparation time. It also reportedly works longer than regular Viagra, although it is subjective. The average duration is up to 6 hours against the typical 4 hours.

You should take that with a grain of salt. The duration time differs based on many factors, and your own experience with Sildenafil can differ. However, it is likely that Sildenafil Professional will work for at least an hour longer for you. This isn’t much, but it often makes a major difference.

The time it needs to activate can also differ based on your personal parameters. If you’re that good at absorbing drugs, it may take you even less. Regular Viagra can take about 30 minutes for some people. If you’re one of them, you can expect the Professional to start working in just about 10 minutes. Again, it’s all subjective.

Side Effects

Viagra Professional is often safer than Viagra proper, however mildly. The Sildenafil drugs in general are safe enough. The main adverse effect of Viagra is chest pain, accompanies by headaches. With VP, you are just as likely to develop headaches and dizziness, but other effects are less frequent.

It’s still possible to get heartaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, and nasal problems. They are rare even for regular Sildenafil, but it can happen if you’re susceptible or misuse it. If you overdose, it can lead to skin conditions, extreme erection, swelling, and even seizures.

It is a prescription drug, and doctors routinely check people for any contraindications. You should also look out for liver and heart conditions, nitrate drugs, and absolutely check if you have a sildenafil reaction. Since it’s relatively safe, Viagra Professional has fewer severe contraindications, but there are still a few very nasty ones.

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